Survive, Strive, Thrive

Are you a mother ready to overcome your Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD)?

Do you feel stuck in your body and mind?

Do you find yourself counting down the minutes until your spouse comes home or the baby goes to sleep, so that you have a moment of peace?

Do you battle your mind constantly about how inept you feel in this role?

Are you trapped in a state of extreme sadness, fear, or panic?

Do you not feel the connection you hoped for with your little one?

Are you constantly comparing your life to the media and highlight reel of the internet?

Are you ready to overcome this illness and love your Motherhood!?

Make the decision to commit to yourself in this journey of Parenthood. The feelings and thoughts you have are amongst those of 91% of Mothers.

You deserve to experience joy, peace, and vibrance during this time in your life. Your children deserve a healthy, happy, and empowered Parent.

Your family deserves to have you living in your authentic awesomeness that is already within.

First, you must decide that is what YOU want and take the action necessary to make it your reality.

All Mothers/Birth Parents have the innate ability to transform their lives, but our own mind becomes our biggest enemy once Postpartum Mood Disorders take space in your Motherhood.

Have clarity and confidence in your role as a mother/birth parent.

Learn all the ingredients from Self-Care to Self-Compassion.

Identify your core beliefs that keep you stuck and transform them.

Release judgments, criticism, blame, guilt and/or shame.

Feel empowered in your ability to care for your family.

Recognize your needs, how to ask for help & receive it.

Always feel supported and guided in your challenges.

Understand your attachments to relationships and outcomes.

Live with joy, happiness, and peace in your daily life.

Feel like YOURSELF again!


Nicole is a Mama of a beautiful soul named Dylan, currently on this journey into Toddlerdom. She had a great pregnancy and birth but shortly after her Motherhood began, she was diagnosed with Postpartum OCD and Anxiety. She had great support and immediately sought help from her OBGYN and the therapist that he recommended. She was resistant to treatment, which only prolonged her suffering. Once she was stable again, she made the decision to rise above her PMAD and not allow it to define herMotherhood. She has invested time, energy, and money to seek additional support beyond that initial treatment to transform her life. Now, She is a Third-degree Reiki Master and currently in training for the following Modalities to best serve the mothers: NLP, EFT Tapping, Hypnotherapy, and TIME Techniques. Last but not least She has a Certificate in PMH Components of Care from PSI. Her mission is to bring proactive awareness to the maternal community and help Mothers/Birth Parents heal and transform their Motherhood into one they dream of.


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By saying YES to yourself, you can Join the Tribe that will Meet You Where You Are in your Journey.

By deciding that you are worth it.

Understanding that as a Mother you have this incredible power within you, even if you don’t fully believe it yet.

I am inviting you right now, to take a leap of faith in yourself to join these other Mamas/Birth Parents who have made the choice.

Look at all you have accomplished in your life already (you created a human for goodness’ sake.)

You deserve to invest in the parenthood of your dreams. We only ever have the present moment, so why wait?

Learn the Components of Care

During the course of the program, we will meet once a week as a group for 60 minutes to go through a structured curriculum of Healing Modalities and Transformational Techniques. All Mamas/BPs will have an opportunity to share their stories and feelings as we go along this journey. They will be scheduled based on group availability. Majority will dictate times and dates. There are 10 lessons we will cover during this time.

You will have an opportunity to schedule Two Healing Journeys throughout the duration of the program. These include Reiki, EFT, and other techniques to release and replenish what specifically is needed for you to become the Mother/BP of your dreams.

Throughout the programs there will be Workshops with various Professionals to give you even more knowledge and skills to cope with Motherhood and heal. I am partnered with Parent Centered Professionals such as Holistic Nutritionist, Postpartum Specialist, Mindful Parenting Mentors, and Ambassadors from Nationally recognized companies for Maternal Mental Health. They will be scheduled on a Weekend Day for approximately 2-4 Hours and held Virtually.

In addition to the above, you will receive Peer Support amongst the group, Unlimited Messaging Access with a 12 hour response time, and an opportunity to have In the Moment Calls when you just need a little extra TLC. You will have lifetime access to a library of courses and resources such as Mothering Professional Partners, Mission 333 Mindset, The Love Fundamentals, Self Care Truth or Dare and any future creations.

You will also receive gifts and tools to help in your journey including Awareness Apparel, Books, Affirmation Decks, Accessories, MP3 Downloads, Self Care Products and Gift Cards, Wellness Products, Essential Oil Blends, Healing Crystals and more!!

Together we will decide on an initiative that will benefit the Perinatal Mental Health Community in some way. Raise awareness and funds, create resources and education, and dedicate some time to helping others. This is an opportunity to pay it forward while healing yourself.

Understand Where You Are



I am so excited to be with you on this journey as a guidance system, accountability partner, and motivational tool.

However, I am not a substitute for Medical Professionals. If you need the care of a physician or psychiatrist, please seek one that can help you.

I will be happy to assist you with your transformation in conjunction with any treatment you are currently going through, as long as you understand the differences between our work.

I will be there for you in many regards but cannot diagnose or treat any conditions.

If you need immediate help because you feel like you are a threat to yourself or others please call 1-800-944-4773 OR TEXT: 503-894-9453.

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When do the Groups start?

Each group will be announced approximately 45-60 days before launch. There are early bird bonuses if you Enroll within first 30 days or Enroll to be on waitlist for the following session.

How long are the sessions?

Three months, however there are options for continued support once the session is completed.

How many Mothers in each group?

This number can vary but there will not be more than 10 in each session.

What are the Workshops ?

Postpartum has many facets and I have partners in many areas including family counseling, nutrition, wellness, crisis centers, and more therefore each group will have a chance to vote on the workshops they prefer most.

What are in the moment calls?

When you are feeling overwhelmed or having panic- you will always have someone to call that will talk you through. They are limited but available to you throughout the session.

What if I am not on medication or seeing a therapist?

I prefer that all Mothers have consulted with their medical providers as a first step. This program is to support you beyond that initial treatment.

I have more questions- how can I get answers?

Schedule a personal Power Hour (Complimentary) to get all your questions answered and see if this is the solution you have been searching for!

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